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Field Generators

 HF Sender DFG7040
(700MHz - 4,4GHz)
RF Field Generator DFG7040

The perfect test stations or test transmitter for EMC measurements or the assessment of screening effects (eg shielded rooms or Screen chambers). Frequency range 700MHz to 4GHz. 
 HF Sender DFG4040
(400MHz - 4,4GHz)
Field Strength Generator DFG4040

Directional RF Field Generator. Combination of RF Generator and LogPer Antenna. Generates a high level output between 400MHz and 4GHz. Perfect for EMC immunity measurements.
 HF Sender DFG4060
(400MHz - 6GHz)
Field Generator DFG4060
RF signal transmitter for EMI measurements or the assessment of shielding effects. Extended frequency range from 400MHz to 6GHz. Generates CW signals, sweeps, AM, FM, PM, frequency hopping etc.).