Phase Noise(typical)

DPL-18GF is a frequency synthesizer which can generate any frequency from 1GHz to 18GHz in 10KHz step. It can be used as a clock source or local oscillator for communication and test/measurement equipment because of its excellent phase noise and compact size. The frequency is set not only with asynchronous serial data but by SPI serial data. Once the frequency is successfully set, it is automatically memorized into EEPROM. So the next time it is powered, the last entered frequency is retrieved.


 Power Supply/Current +6V±5%,<2A
 Frequency Range 1GHz~18GHz
 Frequency Resolution 10KHz step
 Output Level >+10dBm
 Output Impedance 50 ohm
 Spurious <-60dBc
 Output Harmonic Level <-8dBc
 Phase Noise (typical)@10GHz-72dBc/Hz@100Hz
 Internal Reference Clock Accuracy <±2ppm 0℃~50℃
 External Reference Clock and Level 10MHz -6dBm ~ +6dBm
 Lock Time Max 10msec
 Operating Temperature Range

0℃~50℃ (In case a thermal resistance 2(℃

/W)heat sink has been installed)

 Outer Dimensions 60mm x 70mm x 17.5mm
 60mm x 70mm x 77.5mm(with Heat   sink)

(1) Asynchronous Serial Communication

9600bqs,8bits,one stop bits, non-parity

3.3V CMOS level

(2) SPI serial communication

3 bytes data 3.3V CMOS level

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