Phase Noise(typical)

DPL-6GF is a frequency synthesizer which can generate approximately ±10% of the specified frequency from 50MHz to 6GHz in 1KHz or 2KHz step. Specify the frequency you desire in advance before placing an order but when no output filter is selected as an option, a programmable output in a 1KHz step is allowed from 50MHz to 3GHz(No longer a sine wave).


 Power Supply/Current +5V±5%,<600mA
 Frequency Range 50MHz-6GHz (band width 20%)
 Frequency Resolution 10KHz step
   50MHz-<3GHz 1KHz step
 >3GHz-6GHz 2KHz step
 Output Level >+10dBm
 Output Impedance 50 ohm
 Spurious <-65dBc
 Output Harmonic Level <-40dBc(in case of no output filter : <-8dbc)
 Phase Noise (typical)@6GHz-80dBc/Hz@100Hz
 Internal Reference Clock Accuracy <±15ppm 0℃~50℃
 External Reference Clock and Level 10MHz -6dBm ~ +6dBm
 Lock Time Max 40msec
 Operating Temperature Range

0℃~50℃ (In case a thermal resistance 6.5(℃

/W)heat sink has been installed)

 Outer Dimensions 50mm x 50mm x 12.5mm
 50mm x 50mm x 33.5mm (with Heat sink)

(1) Asynchronous Serial Comminication

9600bps, 8bits, one stop bits, non-parity

3.3V CMOS level

(2) SPI serial communication

3 bytes data 3.3V CMOS level

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