Phase Noise(typical)

PSG-3G is an open framed, non-enclosed signal generator board, equipped GPS disciplined 10MHz TCXO, PLL reference clock REF10MF, Programmable Oscillator PCK3GF-1. Any desired clock signal can be generated with 1KHz resolution in an extremly wide band of 50MHz to 3000MHz.

Frequency range 50MHz ~ 3GHz
Frequency resolution 1KHz
RF Output Phase noise(Typical) @3GHz
10Hz offset: -46dBc/Hz
100Hz offset: -86dBc/Hz
1KHz offset: -104dBc/Hz
10KHz offset: -109dBc/Hz
100KHz offset: -106dBc/Hz
1MHz offset: -135dBc/Hz
10MHz offset: -156dBc/Hz
Sprious -65dBc Max except harmonics
Output harmonics level -8dBc Max
Output level +10dBm and more
Unlock output Lock: High level Unlock:Low level
3.3V CMOS level
Lock time max 40m sec
Interface (1)USB2.0(shared with REF10MF)
(2)SPI serial communication
3.3V CMOS level
3 bytes data(24 bits)


Output Frequency 10MHz square wave
10MHz Retrace +/-2E-08 after 1 Hour @+25 degreeC(no GPS)
Frequency stability +/-1.5e-07(no GPS), <5E-12 over 24hrs(withGPS)
Output level(10MHz reference) 3.3Vpp open
1.5Vpp 50 omega terminal
10M Reference Output Phase noise(Typical) @10MHz
10Hz offset: -99dBc/Hz typ.
100Hz offset: -126dBc/Hz typ.
1KHz offset: -140dBc/Hz typ.
10KHz offset: -142dBc/Hz typ.
100KHz offset: -149dBc/Hz typ.
1MHz offset: -150dBc/Hz typ.
GPS Lock time max 1 hour
Interface (1)USB2.0

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