- Various clock source
- Numerically controlled oscillator
- Signal generator
- Sweep Oscillator


Frequency (MHz) Jitter (ps rms)
5 33
10 60
15 55
20 55
25 11
Frequency (MHz) Jitter (ps rms)
30 60
35 56
40 55
45 64
50 55


OPTION Frequency setting board FIX-50

Frequency setting board FIX-50 can be set frequency easily with BCD switches.
A frequency and setting value can be memorized with a save switch on the board.
When the module is used for itself, it is used as a memory setting tool of the parameter.
Just insert the module to the sockets of the board. Also, the detaching is easy.
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PCK-50AF is wide band clock source utilizing Direct Digital Synthesis technique.
It provides CMOS/TTL level clock output and analog output from 1Hz to 50MHz in 1Hz step.
The frequency can be controlled by parallel data such as DIP SW or a serial data
which can be connected to PC communication port. PCK-50AF can be used for both digital,
analog and RF signal source.

- Wideband(1Hz-50MHz) High resolution(1Hz)
- Single Power Supply +5V
- Frequency controlled by parallel and serial data
- Frequency stored in non-volatille memory
- CMOS/TTL level clock output and analog output
- High purity signal with low spurious
- Compact


Power Supply +5V ±5%, 300mA
Frequency range 1Hz-50,000,000Hz
(100Hz-50,000,000Hz with 50ohm termination of analog output)
Output Level CMOS/TTL 
1Vp-p ±20%(without termination) 
0.5Vp-p ±20%(50ohm termination)
Analog output impedance 50ohm
CMOS/TTL duty cycle 50% ±10%
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy ± 20ppm, 0-50 degrees C
Spurious -40dB(harmonics are excluded)
Analog output harmonics spurious -35dB
Non-Voltile memory save times more than 10,000
Frequency Control

Parallel input 6bits control lines

      4-bit BCD input, 1 bit digit/data selection

      1 bit strobe signal

Serial input, 2signal wires

      9600 BPS,8bit, without parity

      1 stop bit,

Frequency switching time within 2mS(time from setting freq. data to getting signal)
Dimensions 50x35x12mm

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