- Frequency converter
- Various clock source
- Numerically controlled oscillator
- Signal generator
- Sweep oscillator


Frequency setting board FIXPCV-50F

Frequency setting board FIXPCV-50F is able to set frequency easily with BCD switches.
A frequency and setting value can be memorized with a save switch on the board.
When the module is used for itself, it is used as a memory setting tool of the parameter.
Just insert the module to the sockets of the board. Also, the detaching is easy.

PCV-50F is wide band clock source utilizing 48 BIT Direct Digital Synthesis technique. It provides CMOS/TTL level clock output from 0.001Hz to 50MHz in 0.001Hz step
with any external reference clock from 7MHz to 50MHz.
The frequency can be controlled by parallel data such as DIP SW or asynchronous serial data
which can be connected to PCcommunication port. The accuracy of the output frequency
depends on an external reference clock.


- wide band(0.001Hz-50MHz), High resolution(0.001Hz)
- Converted by any external clock from 7MHz to 50MHz
- Single power supply +5V
- Frequency controll by parallel and serial data
- Frequency stored in non-volatile memory
- Low phase noise
- Compact


Power Supply +5V ±5%, 350mA
Frequency range 0.001Hz-50,000,000Hz
Output Level CMOS/TTL
Digital output wave duty 50% ±10%
Frequency resolution 0.001Hz
Frequency error max.±0.35µHz with external reference clock
Jitter less than ±100pSrms
(over 5MHz, cycle to cycle jitter)
Spurious more than -40dBc (harmonics are excluded)
Non-Voltile memory save times more than 10,000
Frequency Control

Parallel input 6bits control lines

               4-bit BCD input, 1 bit digit/data selection

               1 bit strobe signal

Serial data, Asynchronous serial data

               9600 BPS,8bit, without parity

               1 stop bit,

               ASCII 8digit numeric data and delimitter.

External clock input level 7MHz-50MHz
2V-5Vp-p sine wave or square wave
External clock input impedance more than 470 Ohm
Frequency switching time within 250mS(end of setting to get signal)
Dimensions 61x46x16mm

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