Phase Noise(typical)

PCK3GF-1 and REF10MF have been mounted on a board, and born as a signal generator, PGN3GF-1.
PGN3GF-1 can generate any desired clock signals with 1KHz resolution in an extremly wide band of 50MHz to 3000MHz,being PLL synchronized by 10MHz external reference clock. Also, it can be used under the internal clock mode.


 Frequency Range  50MHz ~ 3GHz
 Frequency Resolution  1KHz
 Output Level  >+3dBm @50 Ohm
 Output Impedance  50 ohm
 Spurious  -65dBc Max expect harmonics
 Phase Noise (typical)@3GHz  10Hz offset: -55dBc/Hz
 100Hz offset: -85dBc/Hz
 1KHz offset: -104dBc/Hz
 10KHz offset: -105dBc/Hz
 100KHz offset: -105dBc/Hz
 1MHz offset: -132dBc/Hz
 Ext Ref requirement  50MHz or 100MHz 
 Level:+6dBm ~ +10dBm @1k Ohm
 Ext Ref Input Impedance  1K Ohm // 5PF Sine or Square wave
 Lock Time  40m sec Max
 Controls  (1)Asynchronous serial communication  9600bps,8 bits, one stop bits, non-parity
 (2)SPI serial communication
 3 bytes data(32 bits)
 Power supply/Current  +5V ±5% 500mA
 Dimensions 20.3x25.4x7.6mm
 Operating Temperature range 0 ~ +60 ° C
 Storage temperature range -30 ~ 70 ° C
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