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Portable RF Capture & Playback

Portable RF Capture & Playback
RF-Catcher Platform

The most compact RF Capture & Playback device. Covering a frequency range from 70 MHz up to 6 GHz,

 RF-Catcher can Record & Play real-time RF bandwidth of up to 55 MHz


  • Chipset, STB/TV field test debugging (a great tool to support your pre-sales team)
  • Handy demonstration setup: bring real RF sources into your laptop
  • Radio/TV Broadcast/Telecom RF troubleshooting
  • Test automation (CLI): plan & trigger capture/playback tasks
  • Telecommunications Regulation Agencies validation tool


  • Compact, easy & simple usage: no need for RF experts to capture field RF signals (ex: DAB/FM, TV broadcast, Satellite broadcast, Wi-Fi,…), your sales force can do it for you anywhere in the world
  • RF sources stored on a PC: easy to duplicate/transfer between headquarter and regional sites
  • Non proprietary IQ files; IQ file format converter available

Key Features :

RF-Catcher allows experimentation of a wide range of signals including Radio (FM, DAB…), TV broadcast (DVB-T/T2, C/C2, ISDB-T/Tb, etc…), cellular, Wi-Fi, up to satellitesignals (DVB-S/S2). The RF-Catcher is equipped with LNB control for frequency down conversion of Ku/C bands.
The integrated GNSS receiver provides precise location information; KML file, metadata, NMEA compatible.
Portable and compact, the RF-Catcher is used along with a PC through USB3 connectivity. 

The RF-Catcher is compactrobustlightweight (600g) and cost-effective: your technicians and engineers can bring it everywhere in their hand bag.

Record & Play real-time RF bandwidth

  • Frequency range: 70 MHz up to 6 GHz
  • Bandwidth: up to 55 MHz
  • Suitable for: radio (FM, DAB…), TV broadcast (DVB-T/T2, C/C2, S/S2, ISDB-T, etc…), cellular, Wi-Fi
  • Non proprietary IQ file format

Portable (600g) and Self-Powered

  • Connected via USB 3.0 with the RF-Catcher application running on the PC
  • MS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 OS support (x64)
  • IQ capture records: stored on the PC internal hard disk (SSD)
  • PC minimum requirements: Core i5/i7, 4GB of RAM, USB 3.0 connectors, SSD storage
  • AUTOTEST tool for PC performance check: loss free bandwidth capacity for capture & play

RF-Catcher software application

  • Easy to use & responsive: high degree of parameterization for measures
  • Spectrum display: FFT size, frequency markers, power in-band
  • WATERFALL SECTION: bursts & transients detection (Wi-Fi, 4G, …)
  • RF capture: variable acquisition bandwidth up to 55 MHz, variable gain, automatic gain setting (AGC), rolling buffer mode
  • RF playback: variable attenuation
  • Status indicators for IQ sample transfer over USB 3.0: ADC loss, LNB loss, In Band saturation, Out of Band saturation
  • DC offset removal

Optional applications for RF-Catcher Platform

  • ATSC 3.0 LabMod Application: configure and create IQ files, play real ATSC 3.0 RF signals
  • - More details on the ATSC 3.0 LabMod Application product page (see related product below)
  • Application Suite for RF-Catcher Platform
  • - More details on the Application Suite for RF-Catcher Platform product page (see related product below)
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