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Microwave Vector Signal Generator, Dual Channel – SynthHD

The Windfreak SynthHD RF Signal Generator brings in a new era of low cost Microwave Signal Generation.


  • 54 MHZ to 13.6 GHZ in 0.1 Hz steps
  • -50 dBm to +20 dBm (typical) in 0.01 dB steps
  • Set each channel to independent frequencies and amplitudes
  • 0 to 360 degrees coherent phase control in 0.01 degree steps on each channel
  • Stack multiple devices for coherent phase control on every channel
  • Select internal 10 or 27MHz reference or use external 10-100MHz reference
  • Pulse, AM and FM internal modulation including FMCW radar chirp
  • Pulse Modulation with 1uS minimum width and 1uS resolution
  • Pulse, AM and FM external modulation from DC – 10KHz
  • Powerful Trigger modes allow external triggering of most functions without a PC connected
  • Linear and list mode (frequency and amplitude hopping) sweeps include dual channel differential sweeps
  • Save all settings to the device for use without a PC
  • 32 bit ARM processor on board which is Arduino compatible (Teensy 3.2)
  • Digital schematics and complete Labview GUI executable and source code (pictured below) included with purchase
  • Top and bottom side PCB snap connector locations brings 20 power, analog and digital I/Os to your custom mezzanine boards
  • Windows, Linux and Android compatibility
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with maximized value / cost ratio
  • Contact us for custom firmware and hardware options

New version 1.4 hardware released on April 18th, 2016 – Serial # 208 and higher only:

Version 1.4 hardware requires version 2 software. Version 2 software is not backwards compatible with version 1.3 hardware and older due to physical hardware changes on the boards. Version 1.4 hardware improvements are:

  • Storage of calibration files in hardware
  • Send RF power commands in dBm rather than raw DAC values
  • Simpler customer software writing concerning RF power setting
  • Added high accuracy RF calibration capability
  • Added external modulation capability for FM, AM and Pulse
  • Added low jitter mode for radar applications
  • Improved pulse circuitry for better Pulse Modulation