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keysight RF Switch

Agilent Precision RF switch can be manual adjustment or adjusted by programmable interfaces such as GPIB & RS-232 & Ethernet. A wide range of application, array can be used to 2 ports of VNA and do the multi-port extension to enhance the speed and performance.   Customized products are accepted.
此區域為Agilent精密射頻開關所組立而成,開關總成方便客戶使用,可為手調整或程控介面,如GPIB & RS-232 & Ethernet 介面,運用面常廣泛,陣列方便可用於VNA 2埠,做多埠延展,一方面提升速度與效能,最重要的,我們非常樂意幫客戶客製化專屬機種, 只要將你所需要切換功能及控制方式告知 , 義政將會以最快速的速度完成客戶所需 。