(06) Keysight 11713B

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Attenuator and Switching Capability

  • Controls a combination of 2 programmable attenuators and 2 SPDT switches
  • Or controls up to 10 SPDT switches
  • 10-microsecond response time
  • 2,000,000 switching cycles

Remote Control and Programming

  • GPIB with USB and LAN options for easy remote integration
  • Standard SCPI programming language
  • Full backward compatibility with the Keysight 11713A

Drive Power Supply

  • 24V, single voltage
  • 1.7 A maximum continuous current

Other Features

  • User-friendly interface for quick set up, switching, and remote control of automated test equipment (ATE)
  • Built-in counter for easy switch life monitoring
  • Point-to-point connection to Keysight programmable attenuators and switches with 9 optional cable types