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E-Instrument was established in 2000, located in No.16, Ln. 37, Guanye E. Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324, Taiwan (R.O.C.).  We offer the communication measurement, RF microwave element & automated software design.  We also provide customized products to suit the diverse requirement of the clients.
E-Instrument have plenty of experience in products design & marketing with professional.  Ensuring customer satisfaction and providing the professional, speedy service are our purposes.  We maintain a stable growth & continue develope our products to meet customer demands and enhance the quality of our products & after-sales services.  E-Instrument expect to expand our business and serve more customers.

歡迎到義政科技 ( 你的測試最佳夥伴 )

義政科技股份有限公司 成立於西元2000年,位於桃園市平鎮區, 主要是代理銷售通訊量測儀表,射頻微波元件及自動化軟體設計。我們也接受客戶特殊訂製品,以滿足客戶不同的需求,加快量產速度及提高產品品質。義政累積了多年來的專業設計及銷售經驗,以客戶滿意為主要目標,快速的專業服務為導向,在穩定成長中快速對應不同客戶需求反應及售後服務品質的提昇,期望能以多樣產品、快速反應來服務更廣大的客戶群  .

32457 桃園市平鎮區關爺東路37巷16號
TEL : +886-3-4576809  
FAX : +886-3-4688611

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